Motion patch sickness

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Shop with confidence on eBay! While, they are not sold in Australia, they may be available at your overseas destination or from your ship's doctor. You may have tried Dramamine, Bonine, and other non-prescription treatments, but in the end, preventing motion sickness may require planning ahead.

Thanks for the helpful information. I had the patch on for 3 days, then put a new one on. Within a couple hours the extra dose blurred my vision to the point I could not read at all. I usually have 20/20 vision, so it was startling. It's been over 48 hours now with no improvement. Not at all worth the side-effects which are quite scary. I had severe withdrawl symptoms that took me to emergency care. Tremmors, dizziness, headache, all severe. It has been 4 days and I am still not feeling well.

The patch worked great for the cruise but the after-effects are not worth it! The patch did its job, but sometimes I had trouble sleeping and my scalp got itchy. Worst of all was that, after using it for 17 days I had a horrible psychological withdrawal symptom. For almost 5 days I was severely depressed/anxious. It passed but never again! It was scary, though I knew it would probably pass and it did.

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I recently used the Transderm-Scop on an 8 day cruise. It helped with the motion sickness, but the side effects were frightening: Parkinson-like tremors, blurry vision, moderate confusion manifested by short-term memory alterations. And then 2 days after disembarking and removing the 3rd and final patch, I developed disabling nausea which has plagued me for a week now and has made it impossible for me to stand and move about. I will NEVER again use this medication and urge others not to do so either.

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I was prescribed the patch shortly before my husband and I were set to leave for our first cruise. I applied the first patch the morning we were set to leave port and experienced no issues that day. The following I began experiencing motion sickness issues that continued to plague me for the duration of the cruise (8 days). I used a total of 3 patches during my trip. About a day after removing the last patch, I woke up feeling really weak, dizzy and nauseous.

My vision would blur when I tried to focus and read anything.

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I had to call in sick to work, thinking it was residual seasickness. I figured a day of rest and I would be good to go. Not the case at all. I am now on the 5th day and still experiencing dizziness, headaches, blurred vision and shortness of breath when walking across the house. I have no choice but to go to work Monday as I can't afford to miss any more work, but I am dreading it. I called the doctor and learned that what I was suffering was withdrawal from the patch.

They said there was nothing to do but wait it out.

Supposedly the medication should have been out of my system 8 hours after the patch was removed. The withdrawal symptoms, however, are horrible. I understand that many are able to use the patch with no problems, but this medication is poison to my system and I will never again use this product. It makes me wonder now if it was even responsible for my sickness during the trip. I have used the patch twice for two cruises in recent years and it was very effective (I tend to get very motion sick) during the cruise, but the withdrawal symptoms are terrible.

If you google this issue, many people suffer serious withdrawal side effects. We just booked another cruise for next year and I am researching alternatives (this is a helpful website!

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Because I do not want to go through that again. Please post this so that people who are looking at the patch know what they are potentially getting into. My own doctor had not heard of this withdrawal effect and the maker of the medicine does not do enough to warn against it.

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It can debilitate you for a week or more - not worth it. After my first cruise I had severe withdrawal symptoms. Nausea, dizziness, fatigue for 10 days.

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Just returned from my second cruise and left the patch on for four days after we returned per my doctor's advice. Felt so-so all week then I crashed at work. Sweaty, light headed and nausea overwhelmed me.

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Never again will I use this patch! Day 2 with the above symptoms. Thank you all for your input, into what you have experienced with these patches.

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My Dr suggested this to me, however he has not told me about any side effects. What I have learned today though your posts has made up my mind and I will not be getting any patches. Has anyone had any good experiences with other medication, I take stemitel but that makes me very sleepy. Have used the patch twice with excellent results after repeated efforts with every other remedy were ineffective. If you can't rely on Dramamine, Bonine, Sea Bands or other homeopathic remedies to quell your motion sickness, then the patch is truly worth a try. Typically people with bad experiences tend to post more often, but they are the rare exception in terms of overall experience of this product.

I have used the patches on several cruises, works great during the cruise. But each time after removing the patch at the end of the cruise on the 2nd or 3rd day I become very ill. Worst motion sickness ever.

So what is a motion sickness patch

This was the last time using the patch, as being this ill for a week or more is not worth it! I had the patch placed yesterday before a digital procedure because I tend vomit post op from GA. I immediately got dizzy but figured it was because of nothing to eat for so long. Later that afternoon I got disoriented, dizzy, double vision, inability to see things close up, flushed hot red face, trouble speaking and thinking. I looked it up and realized this was most likely the patch. I removed it and it has been off about 13 hours and I am still having all the side effects.

Does anyone know how to get this medicine quickly out of your system. Miserable enough from the surgery, sure wasn't expecting to get sick from something the anaesthesiologists said would help me. They never told me about any side effect of the patch only that it would keep me from being nauseous. Anyone have any tips for this? Had a virus that settled in the balancing nerves in my ear causing terrible vertigo. The patch was great at first but I had to use it for an extended amount of time.

During this time I had terrible tremors, speech disorganization, odd gait, headache, vision disturbances and fatigue. After removing the patch the dizziness is back. Luckily a friend offered a medication called vertigoheel.

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It has helped with the dizziness. I just hope the symptoms don't get worse. I used the patch on a cruise and had side effects which included being very sleepy, feeling sort of like I could barely move my arms, urinating frequently and with pain, and loss of coordination. I was afraid to take it off, because I did not want to be sea sick. Now that I am home, I have had extremely painful cramps, vomiting, shaking, and tingling with paralysis in my arms and hands.

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The withdrawal symptoms began about 24 hours after removing the patch and I am feeling much better now after 48 hours of withdrawal symptoms. I am so sorry to hear of all the troubles people have had with the patch.

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I have used it on many cruises (3 and 7 day) and never had any severe reactions. Maybe a little dry mouth but that's it. The benefits far out weigh any negative side effects for me - and I get motion sickness from making a u-turn in a car!

Planning on using it again this summer on a 7 day cruise! Sorry to hear of some of the folks here having issues when using the patch. One of the first Cruises I went on I had to use the patch. The 3rd day into the cruise we hit a storm so bad that more than half the cruise performers, as well as some of the crew, got sick. I started getting nauseous and had to lay down just after lunch.