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It's also a very useful resource for Honey Select, as it is constantly updated and has most of the games mods compiled into one place. Honey Select Install + Update + DLC + English Patch. NOTE: Some of the folders have the 'Plugins' folder in them, and others have the 'UITranslation' folder in them.

Open the file "Plugins\UITranslation\Translation. Change "bFindText=False" to "bFindText=True". This will allow you to see debug information and capture all the game's text you find.

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The files created by the UITL (UI Translation Loader) are called base files. Please do not use the base files to translate, instead you need to cut the lines and place them into a new file following the rules below.

And all the studio text translation goes into "Plugins\UITranslation\HoneySelectStudio\Text" folder. The name of the files are based on the meaning of the translation inside of that file. So if we have translations for the dialog and the translations refers to a character like Sitri then the file name is "Dialogue_Sitri". We use numbers in the file's name to tell the level where that text can be found like "Dialogue_Common. Txt" and "Dialogue_Sitri.

Download Honey Select Full Update Version English 120

Note that both uses the same number, meaning that they all come from the base file (ADV. Txt) created by the plugin, ADV whose level number is 5. If a text that has the same translation, same size and same meaning can be found and used in more then one place then we remove the number. Leave comments inside the files explaining the content of the file.

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Compact only the files you modified or the whole folder. Note that if you do not add time stamps then your post time stamps will be used instead. Later they will be merged into the main translation project in the opening post with credits to you. Alternatively, you would designate one of your posts to a second main post. I would spoiler-tag the FP's "Download" paragraph and would rename it to "Outdated" and add a link to your second main post. This would allow to continue here. Same had been done with SB3U/Sb3UGS].

The charm in this solution is, that you could take a holiday as well, and someone else would create and maintain another main post in the meantime. For translators and interested people the thread always stays the same. Really, this is one of the reasons I haven't done this already. So much work has been done in this thread, I can't even imagine the amount of hours people have put into getting things translated, and for me to come along and just be like "Boom!

New thread, bye bye 376 posts worth of mental blood, sweat, and tears! I know a lot of end users wouldn't care, but it would be a big slap in the face to countless modders that have helped to make this thing into what we have today, even if it is a bit fractured. But as fractured as it is, things do work, it just takes quite a bit of forum archeology to get it there, and with new things being developed and fixed almost daily finding say the change "charmaker.

I'll get things ready, make some zips, and send you another PM with the new post's address. I can't say thank you enough for all the help you've been. Have you been having problems with you game? Do you want to know what buttons to click? Don't know the name of that dress?

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Girls are taking to you, but it doesn't make any sense? Did you run the EMF patch and things still don't work as advertised? Then sit back, relax, the guessing and hard work is over. This is your one stop shop for everything need to get your game working in English. Maybe you're a long time player of Illusion games. Maybe you're like me and come from a different modding community.

Lets be friends

Maybe none of that describes you, but you are here, and you want to take the guess work out of Honey Select, Honey Studio, or the Studio Neo. It's a long road to getting things right, hundreds of files, thousands of hours, dozens of people all working on the same goal.

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The files scattered over dozens of pages, comments, and websites. The lists of requirements, DLCs, plugins, manual fixes, not to mention the simple confusion of it all can be staggering if you haven't been following the Translation's development for months.

Honey Select English Patch Download

Many of the people that are actually doing the translations themselves have a hard time keeping up, I know I do, so you're not alone in this. To streamline things and help avoid many issues (it won't be all of them, but it's a good start), we've decided to make this a secondary main post.

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If you want to keep up on your translations then this is where you need to be. DLCs are coming out every few days. Not everything is done yet. It's a long road, but you've made the first steps. IPA - Illusion_Plugin_Architecture_v3. The list is long for the DLCs. Here are the names of all of them in this spoiler. I can not give them to you. You NEED these in this order for the AIO to work! DLC#_02 honeyparty_01_plus_0602iy_sub. Copy the AIO into your game folder, the same directory with the.

You will be warned of same files and asked to overwrite. Use the IPA to patch your game. Drag and drop your game.

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Exe files over the IPA. Literally, drag and drop them as if you are moving them to a new folder. Enjoy playing Honey Select! There shouldn't really be a need for it regardless. But if you do want it gone for whatever reason, delete the file UITanslations from you plugin folder, restore the backups from the first step in installation, and run the patches again.

How to Download Install ILLUSION Honey Select with English Patch

(Not in main AIO, will apply the subtitles from Bewitching to the other personalities in regards to lines added by Party, i. Diligent will say Daddy instead of Customer. I don't think it will do that, but as with any mod things go wrong, and it's usually because the things the mod is looking for are not there. Calm down, and be nice. I will help in any way I can.

Honey Select () FULL DLCs

This is because you don't have all the DLCs. The Active personality was included in the HoneySelect DLC#_01 from December 2016, the Sincere and Bewitching personalities were included in HoneySelect DLC#_02, aka Honey Party. Everything works just fine, but it's doesn't work for Studio Neo 32 bit, and I don't have the Dialogues or Subtitles for Sincere, Bewitching, Two Guy Scenes, Two Girl Scenes, ext.

These things take time. We all have lives, and it takes a very long time to translate this stuff. We are talking tens of thousands of lines.

How To DownloadInstallIllusionHoney Select With English Patch

They will get done. But if it's not in the download It's not finished. Actually added the Battle Arena Translations - by - Because I'm dumb and didn't put it in there before. Added Updated H-Scene map and Names. Added Updated StudioNeo_Menu. Girls are taking to you, but it doesn't make any sense?